Inferno engulfs Mogadishu’s heart: Second-largest market reduced to ashes, millions in losses


MOGADISHU (Kaab TV) – A raging fire erupted in Hamarwayne, Somalia’s second-largest market, turning millions worth of businesses into ashes and leaving several individuals injured, as per eyewitnesses accounts.

The blaze, suspected to be caused by electrical failure, consumed the market overnight, sparing nothing in its path.

Banadir Regional Administration authorities reported that the fire was finally extinguished past midnight on Friday, but tragically, nothing could be salvaged.

Starting in the Marwaaz Mosque section, the flames spread through gold stores, grocery sections, and bazaars, leaving devastation in its wake.

Banadir Regional Governor Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madale) praised those who participated in firefighting efforts.

However, the Mayor has yet to disclose the extent of the property lost, with traders estimating losses in the millions of dollars.

Amidst the ruins, members of the business community expressed frustration, questioning the effectiveness of the Mogadishu Municipality in responding to the crisis.

One member, standing amidst the ashes, called for accountability: “What is the Mayor of Mogadishu Yusuf Madaale doing if he cannot prevent fires in our market? Why are we paying taxes to them? We need answers. If you cannot take effective action, please resign—others will step up to fulfill the responsibilities.”

Abdukadir Ali, a hardworking tailor, faced the heartbreaking reality of losing his livelihood and belongings.

His once-thriving shop, the primary source of income for his family of six, was reduced to ashes.

Abdukadir, expressing disbelief, stated, “Al Hamdu-lilaah [thanks God]. All of my shop was torched. I lost about USD 4,000 worth of belongings.”

Last night’s fire has disproportionately affected small businesses like Abdukadir’s, amplifying the economic hardships faced by the local community.

Now the affected individuals have to wait nothing but to start rebuilding their lives from the ashes.

In the heart-wrenching aftermath of a devastating fire, a tearful old lady sits amidst the ashes where her daughter once traded tomatoes and potatoes.

“My daughter used to sell tomatoes and potatoes here. Nothing was saved. We have nothing today,” she laments, capturing the profound loss suffered by the affected families.

For this elderly woman, the market stall was more than just a business; it represented the only dowry for their extended family.

The flames that consumed the Hamar Weyne market last night not only robbed them of their livelihood but also left them with nothing to eat this morning.

As the affected individuals grapple with the aftermath, the resilient spirit of the Mogadishu community shines through.

Despite the destruction, they are determined to rebuild their lives from the ashes of the second-largest market that once stood as a vibrant hub of commerce and community.

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