Pakistanis Cheer ‘India Zindabad’ After Daring Rescue By Indian Navy From Somali Pirates


DELHI (KAAB TV) The Indian Navy, on March 29, rescued 23 Pakistani nationals from Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea through a daring operation. The rescued crew expressed their gratitude towards India and chanted slogans of ‘India Zindabad’.

The Indian Navy’s specialized team thwarted the pirates’ attempts and conducted necessary checks on the fishing vessel Al-Kambar to ensure its safety. The Pakistani crew, aboard the Iranian flagged fishing vessel, cheered ‘India Zindabad’ slogans as they were liberated from the pirates.

Acting on intelligence regarding a potential piracy incident, two Indian Naval ships deployed for maritime security operations were redirected to intercept the hijacked fishing vessel. The vessel, located about 90 Nautical miles southwest of Socotra, was boarded by nine armed pirates.

The interception took place on March 29. The Indian Navy reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining maritime security in the region and safeguarding seafarers’ welfare, regardless of nationality.

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