Somalia’s Puntland withdraws recognition of federal govt, rejects presidency of Hassan Sheikh


MOGADISHU (KAAB TV) – Somalia’s Puntland State announced its withdrawal of recognition and trust in the federal government of Somalia, stating that it no longer recognizes President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as legitimate.

In a statement delivered by Puntland’s Minister of Information following a cabinet meeting chaired by President Said Abdullahi Deni in Garowe, Puntland announced its withdrawal from recognition and trust in the federal government of Somalia.

Puntland emphasized its commitment to acting as “a complete independent government” until a federal system of government, based on consensus and an agreed Somali constitution, is established through a public referendum in which Puntland participates.

This decision by Puntland follows dissatisfaction with moves to amend the federal constitution of Somalia, which Puntland deemed illegitimate and non-inclusive. Puntland insists on recognizing only the 2012 version of the constitution.

Puntland’s Statement:

The Puntland government has revoked recognition and trust in the federal government agencies until a comprehensive and inclusive constitutional system is established in Somalia, inclusive of Puntland.

According to the Puntland Constitution Article 4, paragraph 3, Puntland will function as a complete and independent government until a federal system of government is established based on consensus, an agreed Somali constitution, and a public referendum in which Puntland participates.

The statement further adds that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has lost constitutional legitimacy as president due to his unilateral annulment of the constitution in which he was elected and sworn in.

Puntland welcomes and cooperates with anyone who adheres to the agreed constitution approved on August 1, 2012.

Puntland will negotiate directly with the international community and organizations on matters concerning its interests separately.

This decision passed by the Council of Ministers will be presented to the House of Representatives of the Puntland Government.

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