The NISA forces captured Al-Shabaab men who were armed with bombs.


Mogadishu (KaabTV) – Security forces and the Somali National Intelligence Service (NISA) captured two Al-Shabaab members who planned to carry out actions against security in Mogadishu.

According to a brief news report from the NISA, the two men were captured by the army with bombs in their hands, wanting to disturb Mogadishu’s people.

“The government’s security forces are on standby 24 hours to safeguard the city’s security, with the full support of Somali people. The two terrorists were carrying explosives with the goal of injuring people when they were caught by the army, according to NISA news.

The NISA report did not specify where the operation involving the two Al-Shabaab militia men who carried the bombs took place.

Mogadishu is occasionally bombed and shot at by the Al-Shabaab group however; the security situation in Mogadishu has lately improved as the army has expanded operations against the group.

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