Somalia’s FM accuses Ethiopian PM of ‘genocide’, pledges to use UNSC to defeat Addis Ababa, Somaliland


NEW YORK, United States (KAAB TV) – In a heated address during an X Space discussion, Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Fiqi, launched a scathing attack on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, accusing him of committing genocide against various ethnic groups within Ethiopia.

Minister Fiqi pledged to use Somalia’s newly acquired seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to campaign against the Ethiopian government’s alleged atrocities and defeat the MOU with Somaliland.

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly elected Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, Panama, and Somalia to serve as non-permanent members on the Security Council for two-year terms beginning on January 1 of the next year.

This victory has emboldened Somalia’s stance on the international stage, according to Minister Fiqi.

“Following the election of the member of the UNSC, Somalia will use this seat to advocate for the Amhara and Tigray communities in Ethiopia,” Minister Fiqi declared.

He continued to lambast Prime Minister Abiy, stating, “Abiy is committing genocide against Ethiopian people and he has killed hundreds of thousands of people such as the Oromos, the Amhara. Where is the Tigrai region? Where is the Amhara region?”

Fiqi’s remarks were not limited to the Ethiopian leader. He criticized the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland, calling it an act of “malfeasance and aggression” by the current Ethiopian regime.

He vowed that Somalia would leverage its UNSC seat to expose the abuses perpetrated by Abiy’s government.

“We will expose the abuses committed by the Abiy regime through this [UNSC] seat,” he asserted.

He also claimed that Somalia’s efforts against Ethiopia were gaining recognition from international bodies like the African Union (AU) and the Arab League.

“It’s getting bigger now, and we’re on a global platform now,” Fiqi noted.

Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi and Ethiopian premier Abiy Ahmed signed MOU on January 1, 2024. | PHOTO/ File.

Somaliland and other Somali regions

The minister also targeted Somaliland and other Somali regions, accusing them of colluding with Ethiopia.

“The man who welcomes the guy who kills his people, the man who is the mad guy of today is Muse Bihi and his small group he leads in Somaliland who are benefitting from the blood of people in Somaliland,” he said, referring to the Somaliland President.

Minister Fiqi condemned the signing of the MOU between Ethiopia and Somaliland as the worst decision ever made by a Somali leader.

“It is handing over your heritage and history, and will lead to a bad name,” he warned.

He further criticized other Somali regional states that supported Ethiopia, dismissing their support as “bad applause” and accusing them of being “spies”.

He illustrated the plight of ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia by recounting the story of a boy from Jigjiga in the Somali region of Ethiopia, who expressed frustration over the lack of development and continued oppression by Ethiopian authorities.

While still in the U.S., Minister Fiqi continued his verbal assault on Somaliland and praised the burgeoning resistance against the Somaliland regime by the people of Awdal, a region at the epicentre of Somalialand’s MOU with Ethiopia.

“We, the Somali government, support and applaud the uprising by the people of Awdal who rejected Muse Bihi and the cheap things he brought. The Somali government and its people stand to take up their cause,” he stated.

In a final rallying cry, Fiqi declared, “The Somali government is determined that Ethiopia’s desire does not materialize and it is ready for any legal means it may go through.”

Minister Fiqi’s forceful rhetoric underscores the increasing tension in the Horn of Africa and highlights Somalia’s intention to use the international stage against Ethiopia, leveraging its newfound influence within the UNSC.

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