what would be expected to carry the parliament of Puntland and how would be?


Garowe (KAAB TV) – Puntland administration parliament is expected the next week to pass electoral amendment act whic was produced election committee.

This rule was submitted to the parliament which tells that the election be held on time at the end of February, and be held in a way that the President and the parliament will be elected by the people of Puntland.

Puntland House of Representatives membersย is expected to pass this law on the 20th of this month which is next Monday.

The Polotician opposition of Puntland who previously opposed this law warned the Parliament to take action that could lead to security instability again.

The Puntland government parliament has already passed decisions to amend the constitution in some articles that were of interest to Said Deni, and this caused a conflict between the administration of Said Deni and the oppositions, which caused the use of gunfire they killed more than 30 people in Garowe, the capital of Puntland.

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