Intel officer exposed in shocking assassination killing in central Somalia region


MOGADISHU (Kaab TV) – For years, whispers of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) involvement in targeted assassinations lingered, shrouded in secrecy.

Community leaders and grieving family members voiced concerns about the agency’s alleged role in attacks against civilians, politicians, and journalists, often overshadowed by the immediate attribution of such acts to the notorious terror group Al-Shabaab.

On November 14, the town of Guriceel in the Galgadud region bore witness to a startling revelation, shaking the community to its core. Abdisalan Ali Ahmed, a mid-ranking NISA officer recently deployed to the region under the command of Director Mahad Mohamed Salad, was apprehended by armed local clan militia.

The shock echoed through the town as Abdisalan was unveiled as the perpetrator behind the assassination of Abdullahi Ali Hudey, a young university student and critic killed earlier in the month. Hudey was also a brother to the town’s police commissioner.

Well-trained NISA mid-rank officer, Abdisalan served as a guard to NISA Director Mahad Salad, raising questions about the agency’s connection to targeted killings.

Initially believed to be the work of Al-Shabaab, the town was gripped by fear and uncertainty until brave sources alerted armed clan militia, revealing the true identity of the murderer.

Armed and well-trained, Abdisalan served as a guard to NISA Director Mahad Salad, raising questions about the agency’s connection to targeted killings.

Sources disclosed that Abdisalan was part of a group of NISA officers deployed to provide protection to Director Salad during his visit to Galmudug alongside President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in August this year.

The town’s elders and armed militiamen responded to the revelation by parading the detained NISA officer Abdisalan in the town square, vowing revenge for the murder of Abdullahi Ali Hudey.

While some celebrated the apprehension of the killer NISA officer, others began questioning the agency’s involvement in assassinations. Suspicions heightened following the assassination of businessmen Saciid Tahliil Maxamed and Sheekh Xasan Diirshe in Dhusamareb on October 31.

Despite authorities’ initial claim that the killers were not known, as reported by Voice of America, clan elders in Cadaado later exposed the killers as NISA members linked directly to Director Mahad Salad. The assassins are reportedly hiding in the Somali region of Ethiopia, according to former warlord Hussein Aidid, who recently highlighted the escalating clan rivalry in the country.

The revelation adds to existing suspicions, fueled by the failed assassination attempt against Galmudug’s leader Ahmed Qoorqoor in September. Barely escaping a suicide car bombing targeting his convoy, Qoorqoor’s narrow escape raised concerns about the involvement of insiders.

Amid growing alarm from politicians and tribal leaders, who openly claim weapons were removed from government warehouses in Mogadishu and distributed to clan militias, Somalia teeters on the brink of open inter-clan conflict.

External intervention is now imperative to prevent the spillage of turmoil into neighboring countries. As shadows unravel, the nation faces a critical juncture that demands swift and decisive action.

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